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Regenerative Lawn Care

What is regenerative lawn care? It’s lawn care that regenerates topsoil, increases biodiversity, enhances ecosystem services, deepens resilience to climate fluctuation, and strengthens the vitality of our community.  We practice regenerative lawn care by testing your soil’s biological function and either inoculating, feeding or doing both to get your soil microbiology functioning at full capacity.

The key to this program is biodiversity, both above and beneath the ground.  As much as we love a monoculture, nature abhors it. It is constantly trying to create diversity, and for some very good reasons!  A wide variety of plants on the surface helps to create a wider variety of microbes in the soil. This creates a healthier overall system; building more topsoil, storing more carbon, creating better soil aggregates, reducing compaction and allowing for increased groundwater recharge.

Regenerative techniques are nothing new. In fact, they are quite old.  It’s funny how big agrochemical companies call their current approaches conventional when they are actually experimental techniques.  In case you haven’t noticed, most of these experiments have gone terribly wrong. The dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico is as large as it has ever been.  Carbon has been stripped from our soils and is reaching dangerously high levels in the atmosphere. Plants are adapting to resist chemicals resulting in new and more dangerous chemicals being recklessly applied in ever larger amounts.  

Fortunately, regenerative techniques are part of the solution to these problems. All of us - as consumers - can help by embracing these time-proven, soil building techniques.

Here are two ways you can help.  One, make purchases that support farmers and ranchers who are embracing regenerative techniques.  Two, consider regenerative lawn care. Regenerative lawn care is a lower cost alternative for those wanting to go down a non-conventional path.  Your lawn may look a little more wild, a little more free, but isn’t that the Montana way? Feel free to embrace biodiversity. Your lawn doesn’t have to become a prickly thistle patch, but a little clover for free nitrogen or a long tap rooted flower for compaction relief can go a long way to improving your soil’s microbial health and your pocketbook. Plus, and most importantly, the world will thank you.