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Introducing Organic Lawn Mt

A brief introduction to the team

Ford Smith



I grew up on a working ranch on the bank of the Yellowstone River in Tom Miner Basin, about an hour south of Bozeman. A lifetime background in ranching combined with a love of clean water motivated me to start Organic Lawn LLC. My father’s passion as a cattle rancher is to restore land and soil through regenerative grazing and limited use of pesticides and chemicals. While that is a worthwhile and important endeavor, I didn’t think it was applicable to my daily life (outside of making conscientious food purchases).

I came to realize, through a desk job induced epiphany, that every homeowner can and should be applying these same soil saving techniques to their own “ranches”. It doesn’t matter if your lawn is 5,000 square feet or 5,000 acres, we can help you build the life in your soil to better sequester carbon, hold water, break down toxins and generally make the world a better place to live.

When I’m not busy fertilizing lawns in southwest Montana, you can find me on the river or skiing at Bridger Bowl. My goals with Organic Lawn care are selfish. I want to keep our rivers clean and free from chemical run off, I want to stroll through Bozeman’s great parks and neighborhoods without worrying about what traditional lawn care companies are spraying. I want to see children playing and dogs romping in the greenest, safest place possible. With Organic Lawn, the grass is greener and our environment is safer!