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We moved into a house on the south side of town this spring. We wanted to keep the lawn looking nice, but we also love our pup (who eats everything!) and didn't want her to accidentally ingest any chemicals. Organic Lawn applied a completely dog-safe, natural formula. The yard is weed-free and the grass looks great, plus Ford helped us devise an eco-friendly watering plan. Highly recommend them to anyone looking for pet friendly lawn care.



I had been taking care of our lawn in Paradise Valley for over 20 years and it looked pretty good. I had a lot of dandelions, crab grass and some weak spots, but overall, it was passable. Then I tried Organic Lawn.  I did not like it when they told me I needed to start mowing at three and a half inches. That short, well groomed look appeals to me.  Now that I have been on their program for a season and a half, the lawn is incredible. When people come to my house, they ALWAYS comment on it. It is full and lush, despite our sandy soil.  It looks even better mowed at three and and half inches than it use to look mowed at an inch and a half.  I am a convert to their holistic approach to soil health and turf care and would never want to go back to conventional fertilization and weed control or short mowing.



Organic Lawn has been hugely helpful in saving us money on our water bill.  Last season we were watering every other day because we didn't know any better.  With their deep and infrequent watering plan, we can conserve water, save money and keep our lawn greener thanks to deeper roots and healthier soil.