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We show your soil some love

Unlike conventional fertilizer companies, we focus on the microbial health of your soil.  At this point you might be wondering, what does that have to do with making my grass greener?

The short answer, EVERYTHING.

The long answer, restoring and maintaining proper soil health is the key to having healthy green grass.  Unlike conventional lawn care companies, Organic Lawn feeds the living organisms in your soil and they in turn take care of your grass.  This symbiotic relationship is crucial to healthy organic turf.  Conventional fertilizers skip the step of feeding the living members in the soil (microbes, nematodes, fungi etc.) and instead give plants quick release fertilizers.  While this can turn your grass green quickly, it’s a shortcut that negatively impacts the life in your soil.  This approach gets less and less effective over time and creates a host of negative problems, such as chemical runoff, depletion of organic material and unnecessary water consumption.

Healthy soil teeming with microbial life does more than just keep your grass green.  Healthy microbes fight off disease causing fungi, break down thatch layers and make nutrients in the soil more readily available for plant uptake.  A holistic organic approach increases organic material in the soil, which allows it to hold more water.  That, combined with a deeper root system, allows you to water less often.  This is not only good for your pocket book, but it’s also good for our shared water sources!

At Organic Lawn, our holistic approach is the same one we would use out on the ranch.  Your grass wants food, water, warmth and air.  Either our organic or regenerative programs, combined with proper watering/mowing and a thorough aeration, will restore life and vitality to your soil and your lawn.  That’s why the grass is greener!