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Biological Soil Testing

Unlike most traditional lawn care companies, we test for soil biology.  Bacteria and fungal counts, and how active they are key to metrics for our holistic program's success.  We can also test for protozoa, nematodes and specific Mycorrhizal Fungi.  They are vital players in the soil food web. 

Organic Full Season Fertilization Programs

Our organic five step fertilization package focuses on revitalizing your soil life.  We have both a pre-emergent and a post-emergent organic weed control that, when combined with proper watering, mowing and an aeration, can drastically reduce common turf weeds without conventional chemicals.

Regenerative Custom Programs

First we conduct a biological soil test to see where your biology stands and what we need to do to get it functioning optimally for your lawn.  We use less inputs while rebuilding topsoil, increasing biodiversity, enhancing natural ecosystem services and increasing our community’s resilience to climate fluctuations.


A well-loved lawn gets lots of traffic from pets, kids and backyard barbecues.  Combine this with a flora mono-culture and a too frequent watering schedule and you end up with compaction.  A lawn aeration alleviates soil compaction and allows nutrients, water, and air to penetrate the soil and access the root zone. This promotes deeper roots, main goals of either of our holistic programs, which will allow your lawn to tolerate heat and drought stress better.  It also gets more oxygen to the life in your soil leading to more vibrant microbial activity.  Yearly fall or spring aerations are highly recommended.

Sprinkler Audits

Watering your lawn may seem like a no brainer, but watering properly for different temperatures and micro-climates can be trickier than you might think.  We go through each sprinkler zone and make sure they are working properly and you are getting the right amount of water.  

If you are not watering deeply and infrequently, you will create lawn ailments such as short roots, lawn diseases or bug infestations.  Watering correctly is the key to having a successful organic or regenerative lawn.  Many customers save money on their water bill while also having their lawns stay greener in the hottest dog days of summer.

Organic rock and Mulch Sprays

Want to try something different than the traditional chemical approach to getting weeds out of the cracks in your driveway?  Try our organic non-selective weed killers.